Oval saunas


Oval saunas derive their name from their specific form.
Thanks to their standard form of 400 cm length, 250 cm width and 220 cm height, such saunas can be comfortably used by 6-8 people.
Each sauna consists of a sauna room with a heater and benches (200 cm x 250 cm) and a small lounge (200 cm x 150 cm).
Oval saunas can be produced using high quality spruce wood or thermo wood.


Full oval sauna standard kit includes:
– the foundation of the sauna made of 42 mm wood
– sauna room 200 cm x 250 cm
– small lounge 200 cm x 250 cm
– internal tempered glass door
– external wooden door
– window
– vent
– benches and a table
– electric or wood-fired heater
– 2 headrests
– thermometer
– small bucket
– LED lighting in the sauna
– roofing made of bitumen shingle
– outer impregnation


Our standard sauna models may be customized for customer’s needs by installing individual accessories to fulfil the individual requirements.

Wood is a natural material and differs in its properties from artificial materials. Wood reacts to changes in the atmosphere, temperature, humidity, so during these reactions, wood decomposition or other changes can occur. However, this is a completely natural process that does not affect the integrity of the wood or the structure in which it is used. Therefore, damage to the wood due to cracks, fissures or discoloration when using the tub is not guaranteed.
We guarantee that our products meet all quality requirements, have no hidden defects and are therefore non-refundable.